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The banded sea snake is also known as the banded krait and inhabits tropical waters of Asia. Often seen while diving in reef crevices or swimming to the surface to breathe air.

Sometimes they come ashore and should be avoided.

They usually avoid humans and are not aggressive unless handled but their venom is deadly.

First Aid: 
Pressure (constrictive bandage) and immobilisation (splint, stretcher), CPR, medical aid.


Marine Dangers


There are several animals to avoid in tropical waters:

  • Sea snakes - the banded sea snake is common in the Buruanga waters, particularly in the crevices of the limestone reefs. It is not aggressive and should be avoided.
  • Blue ringed octopus - found in reef pools at low tide and often under rocks. Alert children to their danger and do not handle these small animals as their bite can be fatal.


Marine stings can be prevented by not handling marine life and wearing protective clothing, such as wetsuits, reef shoes and gloves. 

  • Sea urchins are present in shallow water and people who are swimming or wading should be careful not to step on their spines or handle them.
  • Jellyfish can have a potent sting. Use a mask to see them and a wetsuit as protection.
  • Stonefish are difficult to distinguish in reef areas and have a venomous poison in their spines.
  • Spiny fish should not be handled in case of envenomation.
  • Cone shells should not be handled as several of the 800 species have venom toxic to humans.

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The tiny blue ringed octopus (less than the size of your hand) is one of the world's most venomous animals.

Often found in rock pools at low tide on exposed reef areas and inhabit sea shells and hollow objects, like cans.

If provoked or stepped on the animal will react by displaying bright blue rings and, if it bites, the venom could be fatal.

First Aid:

Pressure (constrictive bandage) and immobilisation (splint, stretcher), CPR, medical aid.