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The high humidity of the tropical environment requires people to drink fluids regularly and ensure vitamin and mineral intake.

Sun protection

Use of high SPF sunscreen, hats, clothing and limiting exposure to the sun's UV rays is important. Many tourists receive severe sunburn from short time exposure caused by reflection from the crystal-white beach sand.


Dengue fever is a viral disease spread by mosquitoes and is common in tropical parts of the world. In Buruanga, mosquitoes seem to appear around 1600h and may be present throughout the night. It is recommended to use and reapply regularly a high quality mosquito repellent with active constituents of DEET or picaridin. At night, use a bed net or sleep in air conditioned rooms with flyscreens on windows.


Dogs bites remain the principal cause of rabies in the Philippines. Most dogs in Buruanga are vaccinated against rabies but if a dog bite in inflicted it is wise to seek medical treatment for anti-rabies vaccine, which is available at the Kalibo Hospital.


Treat all abrasions, cuts and wounds (no matter how minor) with first aid by cleaning the wound and applying antiseptic, such as Betadine or Savlon, and cover with a sterile dressing. Serious wounds will need medical attention and there is a community first aid post at central Buruanga.


There are many dangerous forms of marine life in tropical waters which are dangerous if a victim is bitten, injected or stung. Learn to recognise and avoid handling or disturbing such animals and fishes.

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