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Tourists seeking vacation rentals, accommodations or b&b at White Beach Front and Cottages, Hinugtan, should understand there are two seasons in Buruanga: habagat, when it is stormy, windy and humid (June to October); and an amihan, when it is cooler, calm and drier (November to May).

Generally, daily temperatures range between 26 to 29 degrees celsius (but often 33 degrees maximum) and humidity averages above 75%. The hottest months are April and May when temperatures can reach 39 degrees.

Local beaches are probably at their best during amihan, but jungle walks to waterfalls are best during habagat.

Buruanga is regarded as being both typhoon-free and earthquake-free.

During habagat, the seas can become very rough and sometimes fishing boats can not put to sea for several days. In stormy weather, the use of jungle walk trails is the only option to move between Buruanga and Hinugtan.

Often, during stormy weather there is a loss of power but the  province's electric company (Alkelco) is providing more reliable services in recent years.

There are many large rivers flowing after the first heavy rains in June.

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